Jacqui Wood 1

PIC: Mark Passmore/apexnewspix.com. 07/03/2008.The remains of a secret bird worshipping cult, found in a secluded valley near Truro in Cornwall is thought to be the only one of its kind in the world has been uncovered by British archaeologists.
The bizarre collection of swan’s feathers, dead magpies, human finger nails, hair, unhatched eggs and other artefacts, have been found in a number of pits which were perfectly preserved in peat land.
Since 2003, 35 feather pits have been discovered in an area of peat just 30 feet by 50 feet; and it is thought that are many more hidden under the marshy grasses.
Jacqui Wood (Archaeologist) pictured beside the egg pits at her home nr Truro, Cornwall.

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