My Wordy World

The following are a few of the places you can find my published writing, starting with my books and then followed by the magazines I have contributed to.

Cornwall in Prehistory  – a brief overview of one of Britain’s most fascinating counties and its prehistoric past. Available on Amazon.

A Viking Moon The First in a series of books about a young time traveller – Sarah Tremayne.  In this the book Sarah finds herself in Viking age Denmark with no idea of how she got there or how she is going to get home to her beloved Cornwall. Available as a free ebook through Smashwords or to buy on Kindle or in paperback at Amazon.

A Megalithic Moon Book Two of ‘The Adventures of Sarah Tremayne’ – whilst on holiday with her father in the north east of Scotland Sarah travels back into the late Neolithic when life was very, very different. Available as an ebook on Smashwords or Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon.

A Roman Moon – Book Three of ‘The Adventures of Sarah Tremayne’ finds our heroine in the heart of Roman Britain where she must face The Brotherhood once again and restore a goddess to her sacred spring. Available as an ebook on Smashwords or Kindle and as a paperback on Amazon.

RM cover 1 (2)

A Warrior Moon – Book Four of The Adventures of Sarah Tremayne follows the story of a young warrior thrust unwilling into the world of the Mhyres an Loor, his only thought is to find Sarah and protect her. At the same time Sarah finds herself travelling back in time to the ancient seat of power in Cornwall. Not even coming face to face with legendary figures distracts her from trying to find her warrior and protecting him.

Available to buy as an ebook at Smashwords and on Kindle or paperback at Amazon.


The Celtic Guide – Originally a free to download ezine which has a range of articles relating to all things ‘Celtic’.  Whilst they are no longer accepting or publishing new writing, all of the issues are available to read on the website.

Mythology Magazine – available through Amazon this magazine focuses on mythologies from around the world.

Beachcombing Magazine – available online and in good newsagents/mag stores.

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